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CPhINanjing Ocean Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. 1D-32 Pavilion China Pavilion
Address 210046
805, multiple-use building, No.108, East Ganjiabian Yaohua Street, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210046 CHINA
TEL +86-25-83371857
FAX +86-25-83371957
Product Classification Atorvastatin Intermediates
Sofosbuvir Intermediates
Rosuvastatin Intermediates
Pitavastatin Intermediates
Ezetimibe Intermediates
Ticagrelor Intermediates
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Company activities Nanjing Ocean Pharmaceutical Technology is a comprehensive pharmaceutical group engaged in advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical agents, biological enzymes, biological fermentation, and biological drugs. Adhering to the development mission of “improving the quality of life with innovative and transformative methods and providing cost-effective products and services for human health”, the company implements the “concept of R & D innovation drive, technology platform drive, chemical and biological integration to promote green sustainable development” High-end intelligent manufacturing throughout the industry chain.