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CR Ocean Engineering

CR Ocean Engineering is a marine SOx Scrubber maker established in 2012 with it's headquarters in New Jersey, USA. The parent company is Croll Reyonlds (established 1917) which is land scurbber maker.

SOx Scrubber

CROE offers inline SOx scrubbers in three standard configurations (Open-Loop, Closed-Loop, and Hybrid), customizable to a ship’s requirements. Around 158 systems installed to date.

Corporate information

Address 07054
6 Campus Dr Parsippany, NJ USA
TEL +1-734550005
URL http://www.croceanx.com

Contact in Japan

Japan Agent The China & Japan Marine Industries Limited
Address 4-12-3 Shimoyamate-dori Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
TEL +81-78-391-4394

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