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The China & Japan Marine Industries Limited

Focusing on future environmental regulations in the marine industry, we are proposing products with various new technologies such as shaft generators, FGSS, Dynamic Biofilm Protection and Hull Stress Monitoring System.
We will explain further at the seminar on 5/25(Thursday) 14:40-15:10, so please join us at our booth B-60) and seminar B venue.

Shaft generator

WE Tech's shaft generator uses a permanent magnet motor with a highly efficient direct drive system. Reducing the operating time of the diesel generators, high fuel efficiency can be achieved. Over 112 references world wide.

SOx Scrubber

CROE offers inline SOx scrubbers in three standard configurations (Open-Loop, Closed-Loop, and Hybrid), customizable to a ship’s requirements. Around 158 systems installed to date.

Fuel Gas Supply System

HGS's (South Korea) is compatible with both low and high-pressure engines. Full-turnkey support can be provided such as design, equipment supply incl. peripheral piping, commissioning, etc.

Dynamic Biofilm Protection intelligent® (DBPi)

Hasytec's Ultrasound Antifouling Technology DBPi prevents marine growth and biofouling on all liquid carrying surfaces such as the propeller, bow thruster, sea chest, etc. Around 600 units installed to date.

Hull Stress Monitoring System

Light Structures provides structural health / condition monitoring systems using optical fiber technology. Around 300 vessels installed to date.

Exhibitor Presentation

Date May 25(Thu.) 14:40-15:10
Location B Room
Title Introduction of overseas maritime technologies

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