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Seminar list(2022)
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Private Seminar

Venue: Event Stage
Capacity:: 100 Seats Free of Charge ※Pre Registration required
April 12(Fri.)

J-ENG's Technology for the Future

Mr.Koji Edo

General Manager, Development & Design Department, Japan Engine Corporation

【Language: Japanese Only】

Introducing the latest technology of "Japan Engine Corporation" aiming to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society with GHG Net Zero in 2050 of international shipping. We will explain our vision for carbon neutrality of UE engines through the development of high-efficiency new engines and GHG zero emission engines. In addition, we will also introduce the status of studies on various monitoring technologies and digital twins, to realize digital transformation of UE engines.



Wärtsilä – Your Partner in Your Decarbonisation Journey: What can we do to support you today and in the future?

【Language: Japanese Only】

Wärtsilä Japan Ltd.

Mr. Tateo Miyagawa, Managing Director

Mr. Keisuke Yasutake, Area Sales Manager, Marine Power

Mr. Yoshinori Fukushima, General Manager, Voyage

With maritime transport accounting for about 2.5% GHG emissions annually, the industry must step up sustainability activities. Outlook of the maritime industry may seem uncertain. Time to decarbonise is now and Wärtsilä believes it will take more than technology to decarbonise the industry. We are uniquely positioned to help customers for their steps on their decarbonisation journey by our technologies and continuous innovation. Our upgradable design decarb solutions will help customers now and futureproof their assets for many years ahead.


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