Seminar list(2024)
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Private Seminar

April 10(Wed.)
April 10(Wed.)

Japanese only

Organised by Wärtsilä Japan

East Hall 3 (Event Stage)

Navigating decarbonisation with confidence: Wärtsilä solutions for sustainable shipping


Wärtsilä Japan

Masato Kuramochi, Senior Sales Manager Shaft Line Solutions, Wärtsilä Marine

Takuki Kuramoto, Sales Manager, Wärtsilä Marine

Shigeto Morita, General Manager Market Innovation, Wärtsilä Marine

This presentation consists of three parts. Wärtsilä's latest Shaft Line Solutions aiming to enhance your vessel’s efficiency, performance and availability and ultimately reduce costs and increase profitability; fuel-flexible solutions for sustainable shipping; and finally, digital solutions focusing on fleet optimization, energy-saving retrofits, and compliance with emerging regulations.


April 10(Wed.)

Japanese only

East Hall 3 (Event Stage)

Introduction on circular carbon methanol “CarbopathTM” as the carbon neutral marine fuel

Masahiko Naito, Division Director, C1 Chemicals Division, Green Energy&Chemicals Business Sector, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical

Methanol attracts great attention as the inevitable substance to materialize circular economy because it is manufactured from various renewable resources such as recycled CO2, waste plastic, and biomass. Accordingly, there is an increasing number of ships using methanol as clean and next generation carbon neutral fuel. Our initiatives of circular carbon methanol “CarbopathTM” and updates on the supply and use of methanol for marine fuel will be introduced.


April 12(Fri.)
April 12(Fri.)
Simultaneous interpretation

organised by Inmarsat Maritime

East Hall 3 (Event Stage) 

Unlocking the Business Value of Maritime Digitalisation

▶10:30 - 11:35 

Panel discussion


Naotaka Ishizawa: President, NYK Digital Academy General Manager, Innovation Promotion Group, NYK Line


Capt. Naoki Saito: General Manager and Head of Cyber Security, Management Systems and Maritime Training Certification Department, Business Assurance Division, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, ClassNK

Yasuhiro Matsushima: Team Leader, Business Development Team of Ship Dept. Mitsubishi Corporation

Keitaro (Kei) Watanabe: Section Manager, Business Strategy Department,  IINO KAIUN KAISHA, LTD. (IINO LINES)

Laurie Eve: Chief of Staff, Inmarsat Maritime



▶11:35 - 12:30 


In today’s dynamic maritime landscape, digitalisation is driving efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. During the seminar, we will delve into strategies aimed to empower maritime companies to leverage the potential of digitalisation

Industry leaders will come together to explore

- How digitalisation strategies can be effectively aligned with the shipping companies’ business goals

- Adopting a strategic approach to connectivity and the benefits.

- Cybersecurity requirements for shipping and benefits of going beyond compliance.


April 12(Fri.)

Japanese only

Organised by KDDI

East Hall 3 (Event Stage)

KDDI’s Solutions for the Maritime Market – Focused on Starlink Utilizations



Takeshi Arai, General Manager, Product Strategy Department, KDDI

Yuta Komiya, Expert, Network Service Planning and Architect Department, KDDI

Yawara Yamashita, Group Leader, Energy Industry & Transportation Industry Sales Department, KDDI

The year 2023 was the first year for the high-speed satellite communication service Starlink in Japan. Through “Starlink Business”, KDDI has been providing a high-performance communication on oceans as well as at land. In this presentation, KDDI will introduce the various applications and prospects of Starlink Business, as well as solutions for shipboard cyber security. 


April 12(Fri.)
Consecutive interpretation

Organised by ABB

East Hall 3 (Event Stage)

Navigating towards a decarbonized and digitalized future: Savings every mile and minute

Introducing ABB Marine 

AlfKare Adnanes, Regional Division Manager, Marine & Ports, AMEA, Marine & Ports, ABB (Eng/Jap)


Case: Short distance and coastal

Delivered solutions for ship owners in Japan

Munekazu Tanikawa (in Japanese)


Case: Offshore ships for the green energy transition

Arthur Solvag (Eng/Jap)


A leap in efficiency

High efficiency propulsors and thrusters

Andrei Korsstorm (Eng/Jap)


Closing remarks

Alf Kare Adnanes (Eng/Jap)

Join us as we explore Japan's maritime industry's journey towards sustainability through decarbonization and digitalization. This presentation delivers the advancements in electric propulsion and cutting-edge technologies transforming the sector. Discover how Japan is pioneering the shift to cleaner, smarter maritime operations, setting a course for a more sustainable and efficient future.


April 12(Fri.)

Japanese only

Organised by Seishokai

East Hall 3 (Seminar Room3)

Seafarers' law revision (labor management, employees health management ,shipboard patrols) and follow-up surveys.


Masayuki Shiozawa, Chairman, board of governors, Seishokai

Koji Yamada, Business Risk Advisor, MS&AD Management Support Center, MS&AD

In 2022 and 2023, the Seafarers Law was revised and labor management, employees health management , shipboard patrols were initiated as a system. Two years have passed since the first revision of the law, and we will discuss with experts what changes have occurred while the law is still in a transitional period, and how it should change and what form it should take in the future.


April 12(Fri.)

Organised by PwC

East Hall 3 (Seminar Room3)

Navigating M&A and ESG Due Diligence in Maritime Shipping

Part 1 (English only) : M&A in Maritime Shipping


Arnaud Ledemazel, Senior Manager, PwC Advisory LLC

Maksym Grinenko, Senior Associate, PwC Advisory LLC


Part 2 (Japanese only) : ESG Due Diligence in Maritime Shipping


Hayato Mori, Partner, PwC Advisory LLC

Yasuhiko Numata, Director, PwC Advisory LLC


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the maritime shipping industry is a diverse and evolving area, with many opportunities and risks to navigate. Learn how M&A can improve your business resilience and competitiveness. Understand ESG due diligence, its use and purposes as a critical practice that is gaining prominence with the growing awareness for sustainability.


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