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Seminar list(2022)
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Sea Japan 2022 Women's Panel discussion

Venue: Event Stage
Capacity:: 100 Seats Free of Charge ※Pre Registration required
April 11(Thu.)

Global Collaboration for Maritime DX

-Why global collaboration is required for the industry? Leading female DX researchers and the industrial leaders discuss the indicators for digitalization.

【Language: Japanese Only】


Ms. Mariko Kuroda  Ms. Keiko Takahashi  Ms. Yoshiko Sato  Ms. Hitomi Yasui   Ms. Maki Yoshida

Ms. Mariko Kuroda

Fluids Engineering & Hull Design, Performance of Ships in Actual Seas Research Group Chief researcher
National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology
National Maritime Research Institute


Ms. Keiko Takahashi

Country Manager, Inmarsat K.K.


Ms. Yoshiko Sato, Ph.D.

POLARIS Sales Manager
Marketing Section, Social and Disaster Management Dept.
Japan Weather Association


Ms. Hitomi Yasui

Sales Group, Tokyo Branch
Nakashima Propeller Co. Ltd.

Ms. Maki Yoshida(Moderator)

Managing Director, Star Marine PR

The 2022-2023 period, known as the ENDMIC, is recognized to be a time of "A dynamic revolution" in the shipping and shipbuilding sectors, with the introduction of DX at its height. "Why global collaboration with now?" Female DX researchers and managers who are leading the global markets for a digitalization will discuss current and future examples of collaboration between domestic and international B to B companies. A must for all industry professionals!


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