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Seminar list(2022)
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National Maritime Research Institute Seminar

Venue: Special Seminar Room
Capacity:: 100 Seats Free of Charge ※Pre Registration required
April 11(Thu.)

Sponsored by

National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology, National Maritime Research Institute.

【Language: Japanese Only】

NMRI’s Approach for Digital Shipyard

Mr.Akinori Abe  Director General

It is essential for maritime industries to establish digital shipyards which are able to build high technology ships with extraordinal efficiency. For this purpose, NMRI are now developing the unique production simulator for shipbuilding with the policy of “Solving the shipbuilding shop floor by Finite Element Method (FEM)”. Recent activities on this project are introduced in this presentation.


Research on Carbon Neutrality Technologies in Marine Field

Mr.Koichi Hirata 

Senior Director for Research

From a point of view of environmental protection, it is needed to develop carbon neutrality technologies in the marine field.  In order to realize the carbon neutrality, we have studied on energy-saving technologies and alternative fuel utilization technologies.  In this lecture, some emission reduction technologies of greenhouse gas for marine field are presented.

Development for the Digital Twin for Ship Structures.

Mr.Masayoshi Oka  

Project Team Leader, Digital transformation project team

The digital twin for ship structure is a technology that realizes judgment support at each stage of design, construction, and operation by reproducing the actual state of the hull structure in cyberspace.

The National Maritime Research Institute has developed the integrated digital twin system i-SAS on the project of the Japan Ship Technology Research Association. In this seminar, the functions of i-SAS and related technologies are introduced.


Initiative on Evaluation of Ship Performance in Actual Seas -OCTARVIA Project Phase2-

Mr.Masaru Tsujimoto  

Director, Department of Fluids Engineering and Hull Design

For zero GHG emissions from ships Japan Maritime Cluster Collaborative Research -OCTARVIA Project Phase 2- is conducted led by NMRI. In the lecture, the contents of expansion to the design and operation by the evaluation method with accuracy of the ship performance in actual seas are presented.


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