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Hanamaruki Foods Inc.
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Company activities Hanamaruki's "Liquid Shio Koji" is renown not only as a unique savory seasoning but also has features such as UMAMI enhancement and masking effect for meat and seafood. It has been receiving increasing attention from manufacturers especially in the convenience store, restaurant, food service and processing sectors. We would like to introduce the effects of our patented manufacturing process with active enzymes with scientific evidence and tasting comparisons.
Date October 3(Thu.) 11:30-11:50 Location Seminar Room E
Title Why don't you use liquid shio-koji to bring out the good taste of ingredients?
Detail Liquid Shio Koji has the ability of bringing out the best in food ingredients, and there are many case studies that show the tenderizing, umami enhancement, water retention, and masking features in meat and seafood products.
Below are several cases that illustrate these features, as well as an introduction to interesting findings from joint research projects with scientists at Ibaraki University.