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Company activities We, Inabata Koryo, introduce various products such as natural flavors, food ingredients, natural plant extracts and functional ingredients which are created from our unique technologies and know-how based on our own procurement route.
We have prepared here the natural flavor extracted from domestic yuzu and the onion roux tasting that has the unique sweetness and flavor enhanced by our unique manufacturing method.
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Date October 2(Wed.) 10:30-10:50 Location Seminar Room D
Title Natural Deodorizing Material, "The Essential Oil of Black Cumin Seed " from India
Detail The seeds of Black cumin(Nigella sativa L.)are used as a spice in India. In this time, we introduce “the essential oil of black cumin seed” exhibited strong deodorizing activity against methyl mercaptan, which is a main factor in oral malodor.
Date October 2(Wed.) 11:00-11:20 Location Seminar Room D
Title Flavorful citrus extracts obtained from their peels
Detail Citrus extracts are introduced as a food material these are blended with aroma extracts and taste extracts, which are produced by the original extraction methods from their peels. Taste extracts are rich in polyphenols, and aroma extracts are rich in citral and are suitable for flavoring. We would like to meet various needs by blending these two extracts.
Date October 3(Thu.) 10:30-10:50 Location Seminar Room D
Title The ginger flavor with a flexible pungency.
Detail Ginger is a traditional spice consumed in Japan for more than 1000 years. In this presentation, we will introduce how to make ginger flavor using ginger aroma and pungent components extracted by our proprietary technology. In addition, we will also introduce the functionality of the same ginger family turmeric, black ginger, and mango ginger.
Date October 3(Thu.) 11:00-11:20 Location Seminar Room D
Title Using turmeric oil as a solvent improves the bioavailability of functional food factors in sesame extract and ginkgo biloba extract
Detail Bioavailability is important factor to effect a beneficial action of functional food factor. Here, we found turmeric oil as a solvent improves the distribution of bioactive components, contained in sesame extract and Ginkgo biloba extract, in the serum and brain of mice. Using turmeric oil as a solvent may be ideal solvent as improvement of the bioavailability of functional food factors.