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Company activities Passienol is a functional ingredient with piceatannol from passion fruit seeds as its active component. It has been registered as "Foods with Function Claims"with the function claim of "helps to moisturize skin".The purchase and usage of Passienol includes the permission to use the related patents from Morinaga(e.g.stabilizing formula,combination application).
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Date October 2(Wed.) 14:00-14:20 Location Seminar Room G
Title Functional ingredient piceatannol of Passienol helps to moisturize skin and has several functions to health and wellness.
Detail Passienol contains the polyphenol, piceatannol.
Piceatannol is reported to have the following functions.
・Helping to moisturize skin by activating fibroblasts in the dermal layer of the skin to promote collagen production.
・Expanding blood vessels by inducing the production of NO of vascular endothelial cells.
・Appropriating metabolic ryzhm by regulating the circadian Per2 expression.