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Carogen & Carob
Gardenia Color
Company activities Taisho Technos Co., Ltd. offers various food additives such as preservatives, natural colorant, gelling agents, nutritional ingredients, functional materials and so on. In this exhibition, we will introduce a special vitamin formulation VITAGEN which can improve the shelf life of food, the natural colorant Gardenia Color which can reproduce each color tone, carob germ flour which shows a high content of proteins, and carob powder which is attracting attention as a super-food.
Date October 2(Wed.) 16:30-16:50 Location Seminar Room A
Title The Nutritional Value and Health Benefit of Carob(Anti-obesity Effects, etc.)
Detail Carob powder, is a cocoa powder alternative. It's made from dried, roasted carob pods and looks like cocoa. Comparing to cocoa, carob powder has lower‐fat content, high content in dietary fibers, and high content of minerals. In this presentation, we will introduce the nutritional value of carob, also we will explain the mechanism of anti-obesity of carob in detail.