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Nissei Kyoeki Co., Ltd.
Booth No. 1-103
Products / Services
Fish protein HyrolysateNew Products
Water Lentil protein
Protein Crisp
Protein Curry, Almond protein
Setouchi Olive leaves
Company activities Our booth exhibits animal, plant, fish based protein ingredients and olive products.
Protein from Milk, Almond, Water Lentil, Blue Whiting and Protein Curry and Protein Crisps are displayed. Olive from Setouchi area is focus on Olive leaves including functional ingredients and serve its cake.
Date October 4(Fri.) 12:30-12:50 Location Seminar Room B
Title Green Protein LENTEIN
Detail Super food LENTEIN is dried powder from Water Lentil. It contents good balance of protein, lipids, dietary fiber and minerals