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Jet mill pulverization
Superheated steam sterilization
Fluid bed granulation
Rooibos tea powder
Rooibos GhostNew Products
Company activities We succeeded in powdering by finely grinding rooibos tea leaves and developed a hit product.
By sterilizing, pulverization, and granulating food ingredients, the possibilities for food processing that have never existed will be expanded, and the possibilities for creating new markets will be expanded.
At the Maruyasu Sangyo booth, we will provide sterilization, pulverization and granulation processing consultations and tasting rooibos tea.
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Date October 2(Wed.) 12:30-12:50 Location Seminar Room E
Title Total Solution in powder technology of food material.(Sterilization/Pulverization/Granulation)
Detail By sterilizing food with superheated steam and finely grinding with jet stream of Mach 2.5, a new marketability of food material is created.
By supplying the ultimate sterilization, pulverization and granulation technology without hesitation, the functionality of the food material can be utilized to the utmost.
What is that know-how and what is the hit product developed?
Date October 3(Thu.) 13:00-13:20 Location Seminar Room D
Title The attraction of Rooibos tea and the market creation by powderization.
Detail Rooibos tea is very popular with people who have a beauty and healthy lifestyle. What is the attraction of Rooibos?.
We will thoroughly explain to the detailed report of the place of origin and the way to enjoy rooibos tea more deliciously and varied.
We will also discuss the new market for rooibos tea, which was created by sterilizing and pulverizing rooibos tea leaves.