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UNIAL Co., Ltd.
Booth No. A-051
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“Kumaizasa” from HokkaidoNew Products
“Kumaizasa”-derived lactic acid bacteria from HokkaidoNew Products
"Ooitadori"(Giant knotweed sprout) from Hokkaido
"Enmeiraku"(Edible purple chrysanthemum) from Niigata/Yamagata
"Tsuruarame"(Seaweed) from Aomori
Company activities UNIAL is a well-known company for Japanese raw materials.Recently, inquiries from overseas have also increased.We have a variety of domestic materials, so please come to our booth.
Date October 3(Thu.) 11:30-11:50 Location Seminar Room K
Title The new information about “Kumizasa”-derived lactic acid bacteria
Detail For many years, we have been focusing on Hokkaido Kumizasa and searching for and researching lactic acid bacteria that live there. Newly isolated lactic acid bacteria are improved in functionality by nano-treating the cells and improved in handling properties by sterilization. We will announce "new information" of this new type of lactic acid bacteria.
Date October 3(Thu.) 12:00-12:20 Location Seminar Room K
Title The new movement of “Kumaizasa” from Hokkaido to obtain the functional indication food
Detail Half a century involved in research, development, and commercialization of Hokkaido Kumizasa Based on the evidence we have obtained so far, we will announce our efforts on “functionally labeled foods,” which can be said to be the result of our research on Kumizasa.