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Immunomodulation heat treated lactic acid bacteria EC-12
High concentration heat treated lactic acid bacteria EC-12AF
Heat treated bifidobacterium BR-108
Biological clock adjustment material NEMUNOS
Polyamine high contained SOYPOLYA, Enzyme processing bird's nest Collocalia
Company activities we introduce a new finding and various evidences about "EC -12" as a leading brand of the sterilization lactic acid bacterium. In addition, we display a lot of attractive materials that including industry's first sterilization bifidus bacillus "BR-108", polyamine high component material "SOYPOLIA",enzyme processing bird's nest "Collocalia".
Date October 3(Thu.) 13:00-13:20 Location Seminar Room L
Title The reason why "Heat treated lactic acid bacterium 【EC-12】" is chosen
Date October 4(Fri.) 13:30-13:50 Location Seminar Room K
Title Sterilized bifidobacterium "BR-108"  - Anti-aging effect of model organisms -