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Company activities We will exhibit a new skin beautifying material Coix Seed Extract produced by a unique process, a new type of Ginko Leaf Extract with improved in solubility and flavor for wider applications, a new data on skin obtained by Lemon Balm Extract Powder MF with the power of collagen renewal.
Please come and learn our unique products and enjoy soft ice cream and other trial samples.
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Date October 2(Wed.) 15:00-15:20 Location Seminar Room H
Title New Coix Seed Extract - skin beautifying material produced by a unique process
Date October 3(Thu.) 11:00-11:20 Location Seminar Room H
Title Power of Lemon Balm Extract on collagen renewal - introducing new data on skin
Date October 3(Thu.) 14:30-15:20 Location Seminar Room H
Title Special seminar - Maruzen Pharmaceuticals at Hi 2019 Presentation review
Date October 4(Fri.) 12:30-12:50 Location Seminar Room H
Title Water soluble! Less bitter! Ginkgo Leaf Extract and the Foods with Functional Claims system
Date October 4(Fri.) 15:00-15:20 Location Seminar Room H
Title Foods with Functional Claims- Introducing our extensive range