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Meioligo (Fructooligosaccharides), Oligo & Acacia
Meiji Cassis Polyphenol (AC10)
Meiji Polyglutamic acid
Beet Ceramide EX-1
BN Clean
Company activities "Meioligo" was firstly-released in 1984 and still loved all over the world, which is the first oligosaccharide material for improving the intestinal condition under the Japanese regulation of "FOSHU" and "Foods with functional claims".
We also introduce some of our original materials created by Meiji Co., Ltd., such as "Cassis Polyphenol" and "Polyglutamic acid".
In addition, "BN Clean" for environmental use is also shown.
You can find our booth very easily, with a big Meioligo character "Yoderu-kun" baloon. Thank you.
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Date October 3(Thu.) 14:00-14:20 Location Seminar Room L
Title “Meioligo” was accepted for Foods with Function Claims as Improving bowel movement~ non-absorbable saccharides, Fructooligosaccharides~
Detail "Meioligo"(fructooligosaccharides) is the first oligosaccharide material for intestinal regulation as "Foods with functional claims" and "FOSHU".
We started our research in 1979 aiming for developing new sweeteners causing no weight gain or tooth cavity. However, as the research progressed, we did find for the first time in the world that FOS improves the intestinal microflora and bowel movement/stool conditions, and also enhances internal absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
Date October 3(Thu.) 15:30-16:20 Location Seminar Room L
Title “Meiji Cassis Polyphenol AC10” for your health; eye care, cold hands, stiff shoulders, beauties, and brain circulations
Detail ”Meiji Cassis Polyphenol (AC10)” is the tasty and bodily sensational material produced by the membrane filtration technich without organic solvent such as ethanol, from French blackcurrant fruit. AC10 was reported as its great effects on eye care (dark adaptatiion and VDT work-induced transient refractive alteration) and peripheral circulation (improves recovery from stiff shoulders, cold constitution, and blemishes).