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Seminar list (2019)Seminar

Biomimetics Seminar

March 18(Mon.)
Dr. Masatsugu Shimomura
Dr. Takuma Takanashi
【Language: Japanese】
Biomimetics as sustainable innovation

Vibration sensitivities and its potential for pest management using vibrations
Dr. Masatsugu Shimomura,
Applied Chemistry and Bioscience, Professor,
Chitose Institute of Science and Technology

Dr. Takuma Takanashi,
Department of Forest Entomology, Chief Researcher,
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute

【Venue : Special Seminar Room 5, East Hall 6】

Biomimetics is an ecosystem service that brings about technological innovation in "sustainable manufacturing" and "civil engineering" under the restricted environmental condition. We report on the new movement of biomimetics, which is a social ecosystem that brings paradigm shift to innovation and sustainable society.

Many organisms exhibit vibration sensitivities as substrate-borne vibrations carry information about approaching predators and conspecifics. Since vibrations induce various behaviors, vibration sensitivities can potentially be used for pest management to reduce the damage caused by pest insects to plants. We developed a pest management method using a vibration exciter that can be applied to pests exhibiting vibration sensitivities.

March 19(Tue.)
Dr. ​Masao Hirasaka,
Dr. Atsushi Hozumi
【Language: Japanese】
Biomimetics: Knowledge Infrastructure

Development of Bio-Inspired Smart Functional Surfaces
Dr. Masao Hirasaka,
 Managing Director,
The Society of Polymer Science, Japan

Dr. Atsushi Hozumi,

【Venue : Special Seminar Room 7, East Hall 6】


March 20(Wed.)
Dr. Yoshihiro Uozu
Mr. Kazunori Odani
【Language: Japanese】
Continuous Roll Imprinting of Moth-Eye Antireflection Surface Using Anodic Porous Alumina and Multi-functionalities on the Moth-eye Surfaces

Evaluation method of latest Micro Focus X-ray CT system in biomimetics
Dr. Yoshihiro Uozu,
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Mr. Kazunori Odani,
Global Application Development Center, Assistant Manager,
Shimadzu Corporation

【Venue : Special Seminar Room 5, East Hall 6】

Moth eyes have an uneven surface that shows low reflection of light. The continuous photo-nanoimprinting of moth-eye structures has been developed with seamless anodic porous alumina mold. I’d like to report the fabrication process of a moth-eye film and multi-functionalities on the moth-eye surface.

In recent years, Evaluation of objects by Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) with X-ray has been attracting attention. This inspection method is used not only for industry but also for biomimetics which reproduces the superior structure and function of living organisms as this method analyzes the internal structure of objects two- or three-dimensionally without destroying them. This presentation introduces principles of the X-ray CT system and its observation examples.


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