Visitor Registration

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This event is exclusively for professionals related to the industry.
Visitors under 18 years old will not be admitted.
The following acts by visitors are strictly prohibited.
1) Distribution of leaflets and leaflets
2) All demonstrations and defamation


Please notice that the event management may refuse registration in the following cases.
(The registered ID/PW will be invalid)
・ If the input content is incomplete
・ If you are a general user, or if you are a general user and the secretariat judge
・ When the secretariat judges that the purpose is to sell or solicit exhibitors

Precautions for business negotiations

HIFU, a device that applies high-intensity focused ultrasound and other ultrasound technologies, and similar devices that destroy human cells, are cautioned that the use by non-physicians may violate the Medical Practitioners Act. Please be careful.

Handling of Personal Information

・The organiser, Informa Markets Japan Co.,Ltd will comply with laws and other norms related to the Personal Information Protection Law. For those who have come to the exhibition, participated in seminars, and pre-registered, the organizer (Informa Markets Japan Co.,Ltd) may send information on various events hosted by the Informa Group by e-mail, letter, etc. Please register.
・If you register to attend or attend the seminar, the lecturer company may inform you of products and services by e-mail ,letter, telephone, etc. after the exhibition period. Please be aware of this before applying.
・This exhibition is entered by QR code management. If you present the QR code of the visitor badge at the exhibitor's booth, the personal information of the exhibitor registered at the time of admission will be shared between the organizer and the exhibitor. Please notice that presenting a QR code is equivalent to providing a business card.
・When the applicant requests deletion of personal information, the personal information will be deleted from the database. However, please agree that information after provision to sponsor companies and lecture companies will be managed in accordance with the personal information protection policy or privacy policy of the recipient company, so requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information will be made directly to the recipient company by yourself.

■ Privacy Policy (English)

Photography and Recording

Photography and recording by visitors are prohibited. However, press members who have received approval from the organizer will wear the "Shooting" armband and may take pictures inside the venue. Photographs may be used in various media. Please note.
For Overseas Visitors
All visitors coming from overseas are required to prepare guarantee letter, "Business Track" and other documents for their visa applications.
Please ask your colleagues or partner companies in Japan to assist in preparation of the documents.