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India Seminar

India Seminar

Venue: Ariake Central Tower Hall & Conference 4F
Capacity: 180 Seats ※Pre Registration required
April 17(Wed.)
April 17(Wed.)
Simultaneous interpretation
Dr. Gurpreet Sandhu
Mr. Makoto Matsukawa

【3/28 Updated】

Enduring Partnership for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals – “India & Japan”


Dr. Gurpreet Sandhu


Council for Healthcare & Pharma, India


Mr. Makoto Matsukawa

Representative Director & CEO



Please note that this seminar will be held in Ariake Central Tower Hall&Conference 4F. (5-min walk from Tokyo Big Sight) 

The focus is building Enduring Partnership for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals between India & Japan. India's commitment to align with Japan's pharmaceutical industry is underscored by its role in saving over 1 trillion USD in the US Healthcare Bill through the supply of quality generics. Addressing challenges such as rising raw material costs and de-risk manufacturing dynamics in China, India offers services in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and chemical manufacturing. With regulatory-approved plants and skilled manpower, India provides a solid foundation for collaborative work, focusing on areas like contract manufacturing and research to enhance mutual growth and innovation.



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