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CDMO Conference

CDMO Conference

Venue: Seminar Room 5A(East Hall 5)
Capacity: 200 Seats ※Pre Registration required
April 18(Thu.)
April 18(Thu.)

Future of the Pharmaceutical Market by Modality and Trends in the CDMO Industry


Ms. Shiho Yoshitomi

Solution Consultant, APAC


The CDMO market is projected to grow 7.29% by 2028. One of the factors is the growth of new modalities. The fragmented CDMO market will continue to become more complex due to differentiation strategies of various companies as new services are offered in response to trends in the pharmaceutical market and new companies enter the market. This presentation will provide an overview of market trends by modality, which will be important for the future of the CDMO industry, and a global overview of CDMO business development and services.


April 18(Thu.)
Consecutive interpretation

From Monoclonal antibody to ADC, transforming innovative concepts into reality.


Mr. Kern Chang

Chief Technical Officer

Technical Development


The automation, the new design for manufacturing of antibodies and ADC, and Lotte Biologics strategy will be outlined at this talk.


April 18(Thu.)

Pharmaceutical CDMO business of API Co., Ltd.


Mr. Tomoyoshi Nakano

Corporate Officer

Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Division

API Co., Ltd.

We have 6 pharmaceutical business sites in Gifu prefecture and conduct contract manufacturing businesses of antibiotics (injectables), biopharmaceuticals including vaccines, and API manufacturing and product development of topical drugs. We are aiming for one-stop contract manufacturing from recombinant protein development to finishing products for biopharmaceuticals. We would like to respond to needs with domestic/overseas partner companies based on our 20 year CDMO experience since our antibiotics business start.


April 18(Thu.)

Update of Sumitomo Chemical’s CDMO business

~Small molecule & Oligonucleotide~


Mr. Hiroshi Ueda

General Manager

Pharma Solutions Division

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

After the covid19 pandemic, all companies are reconsidering their risk management, and as the contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical chemicals continues to return to Japan, we are focusing on expanding our CDMO business for small molecule API. In addition, among the oligonucleotide medicines that are attracting attention as a new modality, we are developing our unique process for long RNA, which is   particularly difficult to manufacture, and we have successfully completed multiple GMP manufacturing operations at our new facility we recently invested in. In this talk, our current CDMO business will be updated in detail.


April 18(Thu.)

"Exploring the World of mRNA Unveiled by ARCALIS"


Satoshi Takamatsu, Ph.D.

Representative Director, President and CEO


As Japan's first commercial CDMO for mRNA, Arcalis manufactures API and LNP bulk of mRNA vaccine that are scheduled to be launched on the market. In the future, we aim to realize integrated production from template DNA production to final formulation and packaging. At the same time, we are also focusing on drug discovery support and new technology development. We engage in various technical advancement, including mRNA sequence design using AI to improve mRNA stability and translation performance, reduction of double-stranded RNA that causes side reactions, and novel quality evaluation methods for mRNA. In the future, we aim to become a pioneer in a new era as an innovation platformer for mRNA technology, from mRNA drug discovery support to commercial GMP manufacturing.



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