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Drug Discovery Innovation Seminar

Drug Discovery Innovation Seminar

Venue: Seminar Room 4C (East Hall 4)
Capacity: 150 Seats ※Pre Registration required
April 19(Fri.)
April 19(Fri.)

Protein inactivation by photooxygenation-functionalized peptide toward treatment of muscle atrophy


Mr. Atsuhiko Taniguchi

Associate professor

School of Pharmacy

Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

Inhibition of myostatin is attractive as a therapeutic strategy for muscle atrophy including muscle dystrophy and sarcopenia. We have developed the functionalized peptide composed of myostatin-binding peptide and photooxygenation catalyst. The functionalized peptide selectively oxygenates and inactivates myostatin by photooxygenation. The application of this method could provide efficient inhibition of a desired protein by photoirradiation.


April 19(Fri.)

Let's create Wow! in the future together.
-Yokohama City University's new open innovation initiative-


Mr. Yusuke Kobayashi
Director / Lecturer
Division of Strategic Consulting, YCU
Yokohama City University Hospital

The YCU Co-creation Innovation Center leverages Yokohama City University's resources, including talent, research outcomes, and facilities, along with the unique characteristics of Yokohama as a hub of international exchange and a network of medical institutions. Through collaborative efforts with diverse stakeholders in a transparent and close-knit relationship, the center aims to actively utilize these resources. The focus is on creating exciting and innovative solutions for the future, contributing to a vibrant and forward-looking environment. The initiative strives to foster co-creation by tapping into the rich potential of Yokohama and building innovative pathways from Yokohama to the future.


April 19(Fri.)

Development of ALS treatment using iPS drug discovery


Komei Fukushima, Ph.D. MBA

President & CEO

K Pharma, Inc.

Human iPS cells, invented in 2007 by Professor Shinya Yamanaka, Kyoto University, are expected to be applied to regenerative medicine and drug discovery using disease-specific iPS cells (iPS drug discovery). We developed iPS drug discovery targeting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and discovered Ropinirole hydrochloride as an effective therapeutic candidate. Phase 1/2 trials targeting ALS patients have already been completed, and clinical safety, tolerability, and efficacy have been confirmed. In this lecture, I would like to talk about iPS drug discovery for ALS so far and future developments.



April 19(Fri.)

Development of innovative cellular medicines to solve problems in cellular medicines


Mr. Kosuke Kusamori

Associate Professor

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Tokyo University of Science

Recently, the development of cellular medicine, in which living cells are applied to the treatment of diseases, has been attracting much attention. Compared to conventional medicines, cellular medicines have been reported to show high therapeutic effect against various diseases, including intractable diseases. On the other hand, the mechanism of action and safety of cellular medicines are still unclear, and the survival period, distribution, and function of cells in the body after transplantation need to be improved. In this presentation, I will summarize the issues in cellular medicine and introduce our research to solve them.


April 19(Fri.)

Purposed to Repurpose ®

~Innovation to Generate Extra Value for Rare Diseases~


Ms. Juran Kato-S.

President and CEO

GEXVal Inc.

GEXVal is a clinical-stage startup committed to addressing rare diseases. Our primary goal is to deliver cost-effective and innovative treatment options that improve the health and quality of life for patients and their families who live with rare and intractable diseases. With support from patient advocacy groups, our lead program now successfully completed Ph1 studies in Australia, progressing toward addition of another pipeline beyond rare diseases with similar underlying disease mechanisms. We are excited to present our strategy to deliver alternative value uncovered by our unique AI-assisted Repurposing Engine® and AltVal® collaboration program, moving towards circular economy in pharmaceutical industry.


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