AmbioPharm, Inc.

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AmbioPharm, which has manufacturing sites in US and China, provides small-scale (ie, milligrams) non-GMP and cGMP-compliant peptide manufacturing as well as mid- to large-scale (ie, ton per year) cGMP-compliant peptide manufacturing services. AmbioPharm uses solid phase and liquid phase synthesis methods, the combination of these two (i.e., hybrid method), and microwave-based method for the chemical synthesis of peptides with up to 70-80 amino acids. In addition, AmbioPharm provides peptide formulation development services as well.

Corporate information

Address 29842
1024 Dittman Court, North Augusta, SC USA
TEL +1-803-442-7590
Product Classification Custom peptide synthesis (non-GMP & cGMP)
Peptide formulation development and manufacturingNew