Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Booth No.2A-28
We will introduce iPSC differentiation reagent kits, differentiated cells and iPSC-derived cell-based assays, which have been developed by our partner, Elixirgen Scientific, Inc. Elixirgen Scientific’s Quick-Tissue ™ technology enables researchers to use iPSC-derived cells quickly and reproducibly. Ricoh will also exhibit the inkjet-based bio 3D printer machine which is optimized to print living cells.

Corporate information

Address 210-0821
LIC Suite 410, 3-25-22, Tonomachi, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa JAPAN
TEL +81-50-3814-8854
FAX +81-44-276-2851
Product Classification Quick-Neuron™ (Excitatory・Dopaminergic・GABAergic・Cholinergic・Sensory)
Quick-Glia™ AstrocytesNew
Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal
Quick-Endothelium™ Vascular
Bio 3D Printer (under development)