Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

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AJI Bio-pharma Services provide CDMO services from development stage to manufacturing stage in response to customer needs using our unique manufacturing platform technologies.

Corporate information

Address JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3563-7577
URL http://www.ahs.ajinomoto.com/index.html
Email manami.asoshina.ab5@asv.ajinomoto.com
Product Classification Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services: CDMO service for Biologics
- Innovative protein/peptide manufacturing technology & service "Corynex®", "TALAMAX®"
- Inovative Oligonucleotide/Peptide manufacturing technology & service "AJIPHASE®"
- Site specific conjugation technology & service "AJICAP®"
- Highly Potent & Continuous Flow Chemistry
- Highly Potent & Antibody Drug Conjugates
- Drug Product Fill and Finish
Animal component free and chemically defined media for CHO cell lines: CELLiST™
iPS cell culture media for clinical(AOF):StemFit®AK03N/Basic03
Supplement for differentiation(AOF):StemFit® For Differentiation
MSC culture media for clinical(AOF):StemFit® For Mesenchymal Stem Cell