Eurofins Analytical Science Laboratories, Inc.

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Eurofins Analytical Science Laboratories offers extensive services efficiently and speedily to support all phases from early drug development to commercialization. We introduce our comprehensive analytical services for supporting your prompt solutions to any deviation or problem occurred in manufacturing and also ensuring safety and quality of drugs.

Corporate information

Address 93 Awata-cho Chudoji Shimokyo-ku Kyoto JAPAN
TEL +81-75-311-2165
FAX +81-75-311-2631
Product Classification Foreign substance analysis in drug product
ICH-Q3D assessment
Formulation development support using surface analytical technology
Extractables & Leachables testing
Mycoplasma testing
Viral clearance testing
Testing related to virus vectorsNew

Exhibitor Presentation

    April 21(Thu.) 15:30-16:00 【1C】
    Foreign matter analysis, Formulation development support, and Deformulation.