Inabata & Co., Ltd.

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Inabata treat Lifesciene product from over 80 years.
Now Inabata treat various type of items for small molecule, Regerenative science, Cell drug, Oligonucleotide items.
We would like to introduce our cutting-edge items.

Corporate information

Address 542-8558
1-15-14, Minami-Semba, Chuo-ku, Osaka JAPAN
TEL +81-50-3684-4170
FAX +81-6-6267-6029
Product Classification Novel Coupling Reagent T3P
Cell filtration filter CELLNETTA
MSC Cell Culture Supplement ULTRA GRO
DDS CDMO Service (Lipid and LNP)
Lipid and LNP products
Psudo-Liquid Phase Oligonucleotide reagent
Oligonucleotide Intermediate Dimer, Trimer
Organic Solvent CPME