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Spera Pharma inherits the technology of the CMC division of a major pharmaceutical company, and be capable of undertaking a wide range of CMC activities from early development to post-launch as a CDMO.
In addition, our group companies, Spera Nexus and JITSUBO, are engaged in investigational/commercial manufacturing of small molecule APIs and procurement of raw materials, and contract development of proprietary manufacturing methods for peptide APIs, respectively.

Corporate information

Address 5320024
17-85,Jusohonmachi 2-chome,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka JAPAN
TEL +81-80-7009-3840
URL http://https://www.spera-pharma.co.jp/en
Email azumi.tokuda@spera-pharma.co.jp
Product Classification World-top-level asymmetric catalyst technology
API process development depending on each development stage
Scale-up simulation technology
Highly sensitive analytical technology supporting API impurity control
Support for drug discovery
Establishment of API supply chain
Establishment of robust manufacturing process using QbD approach.
Flow chemistry

Exhibitor Presentation

    April 20(Wed.) 15:30-16:00 【1B】
    Screening technology required for API research-catalyst selection and crystallization

Sharing Stand Exhibitors

  • Jitsubo CO., LTD.(JAPAN)