Koa Shoji Co., Ltd.

Booth No.1E-02
As “The Best Partner for Generics”, Koa Shoji has been engaging in import and sale of safe and reliable APIs at reasonable prices. We realize stable supply of APIs with our offices, warehouses and laboratories in Yokohama and Osaka. We not only offer supporting services as MF in-country caretaker and assisting audits, but also propose improvements of the quality of APIs based on our own research.

Corporate information

Address 223-0061
7-13-15, Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa JAPAN
TEL +81-45-560-6081
FAX +81-45-560-6082
URL https://www.koashoji.com
Email info@koashoji.com
Product Classification Import and sale of APIs and intermediates
Act as an in-country caretaker of DMF
Support to accreditation of foreign manufacturers
Perform quality tests of APIs and preparations
Support of planning & development of APIs based on our own research

Exhibitor Presentation

    April 20(Wed.) 13:30-14:00 【1B】
    Stable API supply system from two bases (East and West) by operating Osaka Office

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