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Keynote/ Special Seminar
Keynote Seminar
K-6 19 March (Tue.) 09:30
Current issues of pharmaceutical industry and its future direction
Dr. Isao Teshirogi, President, The Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Associations of Japan(FPMAJ), Vice President, The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations(IFPMA), President, CEO, Shonogi Co.,Ltd.
Special Seminar
K-7 19 March (Tue.) 11:00
Global Pharmaceutical industry, R&D And Clinical Trends
Mr. Ian Haydock, Editor in Chief, Asia-Pacific, Scrip/Pink sheet/In Vivo, Informa Pharma Intelligence
K-8 19 March (Tue.) 13:00
API International Procurement Forum 2019 【Part 1】 Stable Supply and Quality Control of APIs for Generic Medicines with 80% Market Share - luence of ICHQ3D Guideline on APIs and related Materials- Organizer: Japan Pharmaceutical Traders’ Association
K-9 19 March (Tue.) 15:00
Ono Pharmaceutical Challenge and Drug Discovery Innovation
Mr. Gyo Sagara, Representative Director, and CEO, ONO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.
K-10 19 March (Tue.) 16:10
API International Procurement Forum 2019 【Part 2】 Stable Supply and Quality Control of APIs for Generic Medicines with 80% Market Share - luence of ICHQ3D Guideline on APIs and related Materials- Organizer: Japan Pharmaceutical Traders’ Association
K-14 20 March (Wed.) 14:30
Strategy on Biosimilars
Mr. Jason Hoffe, Country Head Japan, Sandoz K.K.
F-3 18 March (Mon.) 13:20
Immuno-Oncology Primer: current state of play and future trends and directions
Daniel Chancellor, Principal Analyst, Informa Pharma Intelligence
F-4 18 March (Mon.) 14:40
Trends in Cell and Gene Therapy
Ly Nguyen-Jatkoe, Head of Content Strategy, ​Informa Pharma Intelligence
Drug Delivery System & Drug Packaging Technology
D-10 19 March (Tue.) 15:30
Transdermal patches and ODF/MBF lifecycle
Mr. Their Hartmut TTS Business Unit, Manager Harro Hoefliger
InnoPack Japan Conference
The Latest information on DDS technologies and its application
J-4 18 March (Mon.) 15:40
Advanced Drug Delivery Solutions Platform
Mr. Nicolas Bralet, WW Safety Platform Leader, BD Medical, Pharmaceutical Systems, BD Medical Pharmaceutical Systems  
The latest tred of pharmaceutical packaging technology
J-6 19 March (Tue.) 11:50
Secure your Brand – Prevention and Detection of Counterfeit
Mr. Steven Roelandts, Brand Protection and Authentication, General Manager, Unitechnology Co., Ltd.
BioPharma Seminar Room L
Seminar Room L
L-9 19 March (Tue.) 11:15
【Special Seminar】 Continuous manufacturing strategy and case studies of integration from upstream to downstream processing
Dr. Günter Jagschies, Senior Director Strategic Customer Relations, GE Healthcare Life Sciences
L-14 19 March (Tue.) 15:45
Continuous process performance enhancements for 50 L to 500 L Single-use bioreactors: a technical comparison of performance characterization, cell culture, and scale-up modeling
Mr. Junseok Kim, Asia-Pacific, Associate Technical Director, Thermo Fisher Scientific
BioPharma Seminar Room G
G-16 20 March (Wed.) 10:30
Next Generation Manufacturing of Biopharmaceutical
Dr. Thomas Page, Vice-President, Engineering and Asset Development, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies
Pharma IT & Digital Expo Sales & Marketing
E-1 18 March (Mon.) 10:15
International Seminar
Taiwan Seminar
Y-1 18 March (Mon.) 10:30
Taiwan Pharmaceutical Technology & Products 1. The innovation of BFS (Blow,Fill,Seal) production. 2. How to create value through collaborate biologics CDMO company  successfully. 3. Valuable CDMO Service for High Potent and Special FDFs from Taiwan  
1. Taiwan Bio tech Co., Ltd International Business and Development Division. Regional Manager Mr. Vincent Lu 2.  EirGenix, Inc. Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization Unit Vice President Chih Jung Chang, Ph.D. 3. Pei Li Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd Taiwan Pharmaceutical Alliance Business Development Director ​Mr. Meng Kai Kuo
Spain Seminar
B-12 19 March (Tue.) 13:45
Spanish companies’ challenges in the life science industries
ICEX Spain Trade and Investment
Private Seminar- Republic of Malta
S-5 19 March (Tue.) 14:30
Malta – A Business Opportunity
​Ms Marion Zammit, Manager Investment Promotion, Malta Enterprise
Oncology Conference
ON-7 18 March (Mon.) 16:00
The global oncology market: key trends and forecast
​Mr. Khurram Nawaz ​Director, Oncology, ​Dicision Resourches Group
FU-01 20 March (Wed.) 10:30
Opening Session Fukushima Hama-Dori Area: Current Status and Issues of Reconstruction
Mr. Yoshiyuki Takasago, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
FU-02 20 March (Wed.) 12:30
The Current Situation and Issues of Medical Technology Cluster FUKUSHIMA and Suggestions toward Improvement
Mr. Tsuyoshi ISHIBASHI, (Academic-industry collaboration) Project Manager, FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURAL GOVERNMENT Business Creation Division Medical Industry Cluster Promotion Unit (Fukushima Medical University)  
FU-03 20 March (Wed.) 14:20
Fukushima Collections for drug discovery
Dr. Motoki Takagi, Professor, Translational research center, Fukushima Medical University  
BioPharma Seminar Room R
R-1 18 March (Mon.) 11:00
Therapeutic Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Alzheimer's Disease
Dr. Waleed Osman, VMD, PhD. Senior Manager, International Business Dept., MeSCue-Janusys Inc.