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Seminar list
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Private Seminar

Venue: Imabari Computer College 2F
Capacity: 100 Seats
May 25(Thu.)

「Japan Engine Corporation, New Technologies for the Future」

Japan Engine Corporation 

Development & Design Department

General Manager Mr. Koji Edo




J-ENG introduce the latest technologies that aims to contribute GHG emissions reduction in international shipping and a sustainable society. The development status of new high-efficiency engines, GHG zero emission engines using next-generation fuels, and the latest vision for carbon neutrality of UE engines are explained. As for digital technology, the development of new hardware and enhancement of various monitoring technologies are also introduced.


May 26(Fri.)

「Achieving Carbon Neutrality ~ Introducing Alfa Laval's GHG Emission Reduction Solutions 」

Alfa Laval KK

MARINE DivisionSales DepartmentShip Owner Sales/ Technical Sales

Mr. Sota Horinaka / Mr. Tetsuro Fukushima


The speaker will send a participation ticket about 1 week before the exhibiton.


In order to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 advocated by the IMO, the current challenge is how to realize so-called "sustainable shipping" that meets the ever-increasing demand for marine transportation while being required to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. In this seminar, we will introduce the roadmap and solutions for emission reduction.


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