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MIKASA is well known as a volleyball supplier for the Olympic games. We were established in 1917 and have 100 years more history. Our major business domain is rubber production, sporting goods, and industrial products, including stern tube bearings. In 1975, we developed a water-lubricated bearing by utilizing our rubber processing and manufacturing technologies and subsequently developed FF-Bearing which achieved super-low wear and high durability in 1981. We support rubber liners to reduce erosion for the shaft as well. We are aiming to enter the global maritime industry by leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years.

Rubber Bearing

We began developing rubber bearings in the early 1970s. We provide excellent rubber bearings that are strong and stable in the long-term by using rubber that has great sliding properties and wear resistance, as well as a special method for adhesion with the metal shell. At present, we have numerous achievements.


FF-Bearing utilizes a three-layer structure with rubber sandwiched in between. The FF bearings, which utilize the characteristic elasticity of rubber bearings while incorporating polytetrafluoroethylene, which slides well, on its sliding surface, have ⅛ the frictional resistance of standard rubber bearings. By reducing energy loss, they significantly cut fuel consumption and serve as bearings that contribute to reduce CO2, which is the main cause of global warming.

Tail-shaft Condition Monitoring System

Mikasa's wear-down sensor supports an extended shaft removal inspection period in water lubricated system(open loop). The clearance can be checked from the control panel without withdrawing the shaft. DNV T/A (TAA00002YW), 2022

Corporate information

Address 7313362
1, kuchi, Asa-cho, Asakita-ku Hiroshima Japan JAPAN
TEL +81-82-810-3930
URL https://mikasa-industry.com/en/

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