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TEAC Corporation was established as Tokyo Electronic Acoustic Company in 1953. We have continued to grow on the cutting edge in the fields of digital data recording, audio and video for over 70 years since then. TEAC products are used in wide range of applications, including consumer audio, professional audio, use in music recording and motion picture studios, medical video, NASA-approved instrumentation data recorders for ground testing and space flight, inflight entertainment video and audio product recording technology.

Portable Streaming Server PortaStream PS-V50

This product is a portable streaming server designed for in-flight entertainment. By placing it anywhere in an aircraft, vehicle, or ship, it can provide content to passengers' mobile devices via wireless communication.

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Corporate information

Address 206-8530
1-47 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo JAPAN
TEL +81-42-356-9154
URL https://teac-in-flight.com/
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