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Hyundai Welding's Machinery Division actively responds to ship environmental regulations and developing innovative technologies for eco-friendly ships.

HiBallast NF

The world first BWTS, adopting side stream electrolysis without filter, developed by HHI. The system will satisfy shipowner’s demands such as MORE COST EFFECTIVE, MORE SIMPLE and MORE RELIABLE BWTS regardless of turbidity of intake water.


HiQ-AMP is a shore power connection system which provides a secured electrical power supply from the local grid to vessels. HiQ-AMP can be provided in various types such as containerized, boxed, or cable reel itself.

Exhibitor Presentation

Date May 26(Fri.) 12:10-12:40
Location B Room
Title Introduction of "HiBallast NF" and "HiQ-AMP" Shore power

Corporate information

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Jongaro 641, Ulsan, Korea SOUTH KOREA
TEL +81-6-6147-2312
URL http://www.hyundaiwelding.com
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