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Scan 3D

At scan3D, we focus on continuous development in the field of Digital Twin. We rely on experience, high qualifications and a modern and innovative set of instruments for acquiring spatial data. We have built our team in such a way that each of us is an expert and a leader in our field. Thanks to this, we can offer you comprehensive services at the highest level. Focus on constant development, expanding knowledge and appropriate leadership are the distinguishing features that give us an advantage over the competition and allow us to achieve success in many markets around the world.

3D scanning + inspections

3D scanning and photogrammetry service based on the use of a drone to recreate 2D and 3D documentation and spatial inspection. Innovative virtual walks to help you manage your fleet.


Digital vessel managenement

Ship/facility management in a digital/spatial way. Data obtained from 3D scanning or cameras based on additional information will constitute a digital database of the ship.


Digital Twin

Recreation of an intelligent 3D As-built model with a connection to sensors will form the basis for a real digital twin. This data should be used for analysis and detection of possible damage or damage.

Corporate information

Address 81-336
Kadlubowcow 2, 81-336 Gdynia POLAND
TEL +48-790-531-106
URL http://www.scan-3d.pl

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