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Nava Engineering GdaƄsk Sp. z o.o.

Nava is a leading ship design office located in Gdansk, Poland, employing highly skilled specialists with extensive experience in a variety of fields, operating in numerous locations. Since 1992, we have delivered bespoke engineering services to major companies all around the world, paying attention to quality, timelines and professional customer service.

Offshore vessels

The subjects of wind tower maintenance, support and logistics are very important for us, so we can now offer our four vessels: -CTV (HIGHWAVE221) - Crew Transfer Vessel. L O.A - CTV (HIGHWAVE 222)- Crew Transfer Vessel L O.A - (HIGHWAVE501)- SOV/W2W/Aft docking station for CTVs - (HIGHWAVE601)- SOV/W2W/Aft docking station or CTVs

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Corporate information

Address 80-868
Ul. Marynarki Polskiej 163, 80-868 Gdansk POLAND
TEL +48-786-986-407
URL http://nava.com.pl

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