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Energy efficient flow control for the marine industry

As a system supplier of energy-optimized heating and cooling water systems for the marine industry, Frese has extensive knowledge of dynamic
flow control, materials and energy-efficient and cost-conscious use in many different applications.

Frese offers our customers a range of products manufactured in materials, which are suitable for use in even the most demanding environments,
including ballast water treatment, seawater cooling, desalination and offshore.

The family owned Frese Group was established in Denmark 1944. The company manufactures innovative flow control solutions for HVAC systems
as well as Marine, Industry and District Energy markets all over the world.

Frese takes responsibility for future climate efforts and the green transition and does so with a solid focus on energy optimization and sustainability.


Frese has redefined what is possible in terms of achievable energy savings in your vessels’ cooling water systems – which means fuel savings and less CO2 emitted. Frese FUELSAVE® superior flow management system uses well-proven differential pressure control and balancing, providing the most simple and energy efficient cooling water system in the market. Maximise your CO2 reductions and get considerable fuel savings without compromising the safety and reliability of your vessel.

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OMEGA Compact

OMEGA Compact is Frese’s 3-way rotary control valve, which provides simple, accurate, and reliable temperature regulation for both diverting and mixing applications in high and low temperature cooling systems. OMEGA Compact is by far the most compact 3-way rotary control valve on the market – and interacting perfectly with our dynamic valve technology it maintains full temperature and flow control, and helps you achieve significant energy savings.

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The ALPHA HCR Wafer can be used in various applications including seawater cooling, filtration and water treatment. To limit the flow and maintain a constant differential pressure, the ALPHA HCR cartridge is installed within the valve housing, ensuring the design flow rate is achieved irrespective of fluctuating pressure conditions. The ALPHA HCR cartridge is removable for easy maintenance and the patented design ensures silent operation when the system is live.

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Frese OPTIMA Compact

Frese’s patented pressure independent technology is an innovative, energy-saving alternative to traditional hydronic balancing and control methods. Frese OPTIMA Compact provides modulating control with full authority regardless of fluctuations in the differential pressure of the system making it possible to achieve 100% control of the flow. In addition, the correct application of the OPTIMA Compact can significantly reduce pump energy consumption and improve the efficiency of other hydronic system components.

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Corporate information

Address DK4200
Soroevej 8, Slagelse DENMARK
TEL +45-58-56-00-00
URL https://www.frese.eu/marine/en-GB

Contact in Japan

Japan Agent HNS Engineering Ltd.
Address 3-19-11 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-5625-5537

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