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energy chain

Cable protection tube that safely guides moving cables as an alternative to curtain cables and cable reels. Maintenance-free and can be used outdoors and in high wind environments. Many domestic achievements, including a life expectancy of more than 10 years in port crane applications.


Cable for movable use with excellent bending resistance. High-performance material with excellent weather resistance, lightweight and compact. Combined with energy chains, it has a proven track record in Japan, including a service life of more than 10 years for indoor/outdoor cranes and unloaders


iSense condition monitoring

Sensors are installed in the e-chain to monitor it and cable's condition 24 hours a day. If damage or abnormality is detected, a signal is sent to the customer's system side, prompting an emergency stop or alarm. Losses due to equipment stoppage are prevented and maintenance costs are reduced.


iCee network management system

By combining information from PLCs and sensors, the system calculates predictions for e-chain and cable replacement time, and by connecting to iSense, equipment monitoring data can be viewed and operated remotely from your PC or mobile device via the network.

Guide through

Indispensable trays for installation and running guides when using energy chains. Catalog standard products and special shapes are available to suit the customer's applications. Materials can be selected from steel, stainless steel, weather-resistant aluminum, etc., depending on the conditions of use.



Harnessed, assembled, and delivered unit solution. One company can provide all tested and reliable products. Project support including on-site support from design to installation supervising, completion inspection, etc. is also available. Significantly reduces on-site man-hours


Retractable cable protection tube that safely guides moving power feed cables as an alternative to cable reels. No slip ring required, maintenance free. Available in motorized or spring-loaded versions, with steel or stainless steel winding case materials.



Cable protection tube that safely guides cables in suspension applications as an alternative to service loops. Tested outdoors with wind and weather fluctuations and has demonstrated 40,000 double strokes.

Onshore power supply system

Land-based power supply unit with high weather resistance and safety. It can be used to supply power from land to ships, which is attracting attention as an environmental load countermeasure. We have a proven track record in ports in Europe and in Japan for supplying (charging) power from land to EV vessels.

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