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The accelerating climate changes call for a complete transformation from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy types. At Svanehoj, we take pride in having the knowledge, the pump solutions, the instrumentation and emergency shutdown system and critical components to develop a safe and fast transition. This includes service and maintenance to improve and extend the life of your gas storage facilities, pumps, and vessels.

We are global leading specialists in handling mission-critical liquids - both at sea and on land. We design, manufacture, and supply a wide range of solutions and applications for valves and gauging systems and cargo and energy pumps that can facilitate the transition to cleaner energy types. As a long-trusted industry partner in the liquified gas industry and we are set to make a difference.

Cryogenic submerged fuel pumps

The cryogenic submerged fuel pump from Svanehøj supports eco-friendly LNG-fuelled vessels and is shaped by our extensive maritime experience and the newest technology. The result is a premium cryogenic pump solution for the future, exclusively produced for maritime purposes. Distinguished by features such as a permanent magnet motor, standardized shaft design and self-cleaning filters that reduces particles and enables less wear, it provides you with best-in class reliability and efficiency.

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Deepwell fuel pumps

The renowned Svanehøj deepwell fuel pump provides a solution that not alone supports eco-friendly LNG-fuelled vessels but also alternatives such as LPG, ethane, methanol, and even ammonia. Being future-proof and reliable like no other fuel pump, it ensures operational safety and efficiency. All the benefits from the larger gas pumps have been attributed to the DW fuel pump, ensuring both stability, optimized performance, high reliability, and long service intervals.

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Fabriksparken 6, Svenstrup DENMARK
TEL +45-96-37-22-00
URL https://www.svanehoj.com

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