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Uni-Tankers Denmark A/S

We believe shipping is a matter of chemistry!
Safe and cost-effective transportation of chemicals and oil requires in-depth knowledge of the cargo we are handling, and an understanding of the people involved. Our expert knowledge about your cargo is your guarantee for maximum safety. And our dedication to ensuring great chemistry between the people involved leads to long-lasting relationships built on trust.
Our services:
As a leading shipping company, we offer shipping services and solutions to Shipowners, Investors, Brokers and Partners. This includes chartering and operation of chemical tankers, time-charter arrangements, commercial management, newbuilding projects, joint ventures and general ship brokering. This is what we do. This is what we excel at.

Corporate information

Address DK5500
Turbinevej 10, Middelfart DENMARK
TEL +45-8861-8861
URL https://www.uni-tankers.com/

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