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Fukusuke Kiko is an engineering trading company headquartered in Aioi City, Hyogo Prefecture. In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in environmental regulations around the world. We recognize that environmental issues are now essential issues to be addressed.
In response to this trend, the Fukusuke Group has launched a new business specializing in environmental regulations. In addition, we will enter the new energy business for decarbonization and contribute to a new society through new business.

China Engineering

At the Chinese dock, we will negotiate discounts for repair dock arrangements. In addition, we have created an organization that can provide repair services in China according to the needs of Japanese ship owners.

Ballast water management system

We handle the products of HEADAY, which ranks first in China and fourth in the world. With unique technology, Retrofit can handle everything from retrofit design to aftercare. We signed an agency contract in 2020.

Fuel supply system

This system is also the first system in the industry to obtain a functional safety certificate. We can handle a wide range of general dual fuel engines (low speed engine, medium speed engine) and river boats. Compatible fuels are LNG and methanol.


The exhaust gas and urea water are uniformly mixed, and the chemical reaction proceeds by catalytic action in the reactor. NOx emissions meet Tier 3 regulation standards.


While reducing NOx in combustion with lowered combustion temperature, it ensures combustion stability and avoids early ignition and knocking. Compression ratio and combustion performance can be further improved.

Shore power equipment for ships

The ship's shore power system is a system that stops the onboard generator engine by supplying land power to the ship in order to reduce exhaust gas while the ship is at anchor. This system is expected to spread in the future and be applied to various ship types.

BOS PureAir Device

It purifies the air inside the ship and prevents infectious diseases.

Material sales

Standards: ASME, ASTM, EN, JIS, GB, API, etc. are available. Products handled: pipes, plates, flanges, etc.


Butterfly valve


FRP Pipe

Corporate information

Address 650-0031
Boeki Bldg, 6th Floor, Higashimachi 123-1, Chuo-ku. Kobe City, Hyogo JAPAN
TEL +81-78-333-3847
URL https://www.fukusukekikou.co.jp/kankyo_energy/
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