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Inrotech A/S

Inrotech provides highly advanced robot welding solutions for the shipbuilding industry.
The Inrotech-MicroTwin and Inrotech-Classic are well known and proven solutions special developed for shipbuilding industry, and new Inrotech-Crawler completes the package-all very simple to operate and in creasing both productivity and quality. Due to the advanced scanning and sensing software technology the Inrotech robots a utomatically identifies the welding target, no programming, no CAD transfer needed.


The Inrotech-Classic is intended for the welding of webs and bulkheads in the shipbuilding industry. The robot identifies the structure and welds the targeted stiffners automatically.


Inrotech-MicroTwin is a gantry system with 2 welding robots for the micro panels, sub-assemblies& T-profiles, works fully automatic just with the “start” button for scanning & welding.


The Inrotech-Crawler targets butt-weld &other connection with multipass welding, no matter shape/position in large pipe, block assembly in shipbuilding, StorageTank,Construction,Wind&Hydro.


The Inrotech-C&B has been developed for Offshore/Wind tower segment such as Monopile welding, which is ideal for automatic downhand multipass welding of plate joints and longitudinal joints on cans with a plate thinkness up to 150mm, while automatically taking torelances of the weld groove into consideration.


Portable platform with a robot installed on a double vertical axis (telescope). Rotot reach up to approx.4.5m above groud level.Suitable for offshore, renewables and heavy industries.

Inrotech SensLogic Technology (Software)

Inrotech-SensLogic works on a combination of scanning, sensing and a logic, which enables to identify the object to be welded automatically, no CAD drawing or any pre-programming necessary.

Inrotech WeldLogic Technology (Software)

Inrotech-WeldLogic plans full multipass welding process, taking tolerances of the weldgroove into consideration and automatically compensating for variations.

Exhibitor Presentation

Date May 26(Fri.) 15:30-16:00
Location C Room
Title How to resolve the growing shortage of welders with Automatic Welding solution ~Proposal of Inrotech CAD-less System~

Corporate information

Address 5220
C. F. Tietgens Boulevard 26 5220 Odense DENMARK
TEL +45-66-16-41-00
URL https://inrotech.com/

Contact in Japan

Japan Agent Binzel Japan Ltd.
Address 5-38-25, Minamisuita, Suita, Osaka
TEL +81-6-6337-5155
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