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Eich Corporation Co., Ltd.

Eich Corporation is a trading company dealing power electronic devices such as semiconductors (IGBTs, thyristors, diodes, MOSFETs), SMPS, capacitors, fuses, relays, etc. Our suppliers are mainly overseas, many located in Europe and Asia. We have the solution for the extending L/T and increasing cost of electronic components.

Semikron Power Semiconductors

Power semiconductor manufacturer in Germany to first develop thyristor module. We will be presenting IGBT, thyristor, diode, SiC modules.

Yangjie Power Semiconductors

Semiconductor manufacturer in China from small discrete to power modules. Strongest in diode rectifier market, but also growing in power modules as well.


Mornsun SMPS

Chinese manufacturer of AC/DC, DC/DC SMPS. Components like IC chips are self produced, which makes their L/T very short. Rapidly growing in Japanese market due to extending L/T of competitors.

Electronicon capacitor

German film capacitor manufacturer with top engineers. Their technology allows super-safe mechanism and ultra-low inductance.

Corporate information

Address 532-0011
Room 1604 Shin-Osaka Prime Tower, 6-1-1, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka city, Osaka JAPAN
URL http://www.eich.co.jp/
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