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ContiOcean Environment Tech Co., Ltd

ContiOcean Group's business mainly covers marine environmental protection solutions, clean energy applications, intelligent equipment, and marine services. with extensive experience in the environmental protection solution for large marine vehicles, which is the core competency for developing our products and solutions for our customers.

Exhaust Gas Clean System (SOx)

More than 150 vessels are equipped, effective in removing over 98% of exhaust sulfur oxides and reducing up to 80% of exhaust particulate matter, strong delivery capacity and project management, the global network for service and support, proven performance and many returning customers, turnkey project service.

Carbon Capture & Solidification

The process of the decarburization system is mainly that CO2 in the flue gas is absorbed by NaOH solution in the decarburization tower to generate Na2CO3 solution, and then the solution and CaO undergo regeneration reaction to regenerate NaOH and finally generate solid product CaCO3.

Fuel Gas Supply System

ContiGAS fuel gas supply system is designed to deliver gas to any onboard gas-driven engines from small generators and boilers to large main engines. ContiGAS offers tailor-made EPS solutions to our clients based on proven practices. ContiGAS supply is a total solution for LNG ship and covers the LNG fuel tank and the FGSS control system.

Low-Flashpoint Fuel Supply System (LFSS) - Methanol/ LPG/ Ammonia

Total system responsibility of whole system design up to GVT. One control system for whole fuel system. Monitoring, data collection & reporting available. All safety systems and maintenance. Hands on system training. Worldwide service.

Cargo Handling System - LNG/ LPG/ Ammonia/ LCO2

Tailor-made solutions for cargo handling. Delivery of all equipment for cargo operations, including ship-to-ship bunkering. Complete engineering package for CHS assembly at yard, design approval, supervision and commissioning support.

Container Fixed and Loose Fittings/ RO-RO Lashing Gears

Contilashing continues its product and service development, focusing on the highest quality products to suit the customer's requirements and their expectations of value, performance and quality, Fully-equipped research and testing facilities provide Contilashing with an R&D capability to develop and improve prodects and processes.

Photovoltaic System

20+years designed lifespan and a maintenance-free system. Global aftersales service will be provided by the solar panel manufacturer, the battery supplier, and ContiSolar. 24hours x 7 days continuous monitoring and self-recording.

Energy Saving Device (ESD)

Energy efficiency upgrade implementation

N2 Generator

Membrane nitrogen generator. PSA nitrogen generator

Ship Cyber Security System

Can provide a customized one-stop solution in accordance with IMO and Classification Society rules based on abundant maritime thought the CyberON AIP was awarded by LR.

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