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Nikkiso group has been offering HP and LP pumps and vaporizers to cryogenic application like LNG or hydrogen and to non-cryogenic application like LPG or ammonium. These equipment are well known and have been used not only in the marine function, but also in the on-shore facility like receiving terminal, liquefaction plant, and fuel-filling station. We support the activities to achieve zero emission by offering the suitable solution based on the reliable know-how and experience.

Submerged Motor Pump (TC34/TC34.2, VT, Cryogenic Pump)

Nikkiso Cryogenic pump is well known as LNG/LPG transferring. TC34/TC34.2 and VT pumps are high-efficiency submerged pump and used for FGSS and bunkering application.

Fuel Gas Supply System (MSP-SL)

This High Pressure Fuel Gas Supply System is designed for high pressure typed engine, and combined the reciprocating pumps, vaporizer, and some instrumentation device as one skid.

Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger

Our heat exchangers are applicable up to 100 MPa and used for various field such as LNG fuel driven vessel, small scale LNG terminal, etc.

Liquid hydrogen pump SGV series

SGV is reciprocating pump suitable to cryogenic application with vacuum jacketed cold end for minimal cooldown losses and economical operation, ideal for liquid hydrogen.

Metaling pump, Caned motor pump (LPG, liquid Ammonia pump)

This special sealless pump is ideal for ammonia, LPG, CO2 & other liquified natural gases and has gained a proven track record as a pump capable of being loaded onto sea vessels.

Natural Gas Liquefiers / BOG Re-Liquefiers

This liquefier is using Nitrogen gas as coolant. Can be used as supercooling system of LNG, and applicable as re-liquefier of BOG for LNG carrier and LNG fuel tank.

Ammonia pump for fuel vessels and carriers【TBD】

In order to safely support the growing ammonia supply chain in the future, we will develop an in-tank pump for ammonia for fuel vessels and contribute to Net Zero.

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