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Booth No. B-19
Address 150-6022
22F Yebisu Garden Place Tower,20-3,Ebisu4-chome,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3443-3753
FAX +81-3-3443-7730
Product Classification TC-34(ACD Submerged motor LNG pump)
TC-34.2(ACD Submerged motor LNG pump)
MSP-SP(Fuel Gas Supply System)
VWP/VWU(Shell & Tube Vaporizer)
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Company activities Nikkiso group has the linenap of the equipments such as reasonable LNG pump(TC-34/34.2) and vaporizer for natural gas supply. We have been supplying many our products for a variety of LNG facilities other than marine such as receiving terminal and liquefaction plant. We can give suitable solutions based on a lot of know-how about LNG characteristics.
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