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Econ Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of POWERTRON (soft starter).
In October 1985, we acquired the patent rights for manufacturing and sales in Japan and Asia for 6 patents related to power factor control devices for three-phase AC induction motors held by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Adoministration). and started production and sales.

Soft Starter "Powertron"

Powertron is a soft starter for electric induction motors, using thyristor as switching element. Continuously controlling the input voltage to the motor, the motor revolution is so gradually and smoothly increased that an ideal motor starting is achieved.

Exhibitor Presentation

Date May 26(Fri.) 16:20-16:50
Location A Room
Title What are the countermeasures that can counter escalating cyber attacks?

Corporate information

Address 424-0888
3-5-6 Nakanogo,Shimizu-ku,Shizuoka,Japan JAPAN
TEL +81-54-347-1276
URL http://www.econ-pt.co.jp/
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