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As a manufacturer of industrial hardware, we are developing products that can be used in a wide range of industries.
This time, we will mainly exhibit the new TAK55 built-in handle, labor-saving products, security products, fasteners, electromagnetic wave countermeasure products, TMP processing products, etc., in order to help the booming shipping industry.
We aim to create products that meet the needs of our customers.
Please stop by our booth and let us know your opinion.


With a sense of crisis about #0200, which is widely recognized as a key for switchboards and distribution boards, we developed a new key #TAK55 that improves security and unlocks #0200 rotors.

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Snap and metal fittings series

●One-touch mounting without screws or nuts. ●The installation and assembly time can be greatly reduced. ●There is no variation in quality depending on the operator. Equivalent to waterproof standard IPX5

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Corporate information

Address 731-4311
1-4-90,Kitashinchi,Saka-cho,Aki-gun,Hiroshima JAPAN
TEL +81-82-885-2001
URL http://www.takigen.co.jp
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