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Booth No. C2-25
Address 480-0202
Simizu80, Toyoba, Toyoyama-cho Nishikasugai-gun, Aichi, 480-0202, Japan JAPAN
Product Classification Electric trace heater for preheat SCR catalyst:Max.500℃
Trace heater for fuel pipes:Max.150℃
Hose heater armor:Max.100℃
Tube heater EX with Teflon sampling tube exchange function:Max.150℃
Weatherproof lagging jacket
Mi-Trace HeaterNew
Drum Jacket Heater
Itto-can/Pail-can Jacket Heater
Itto-can Heater
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Company activities MISEC is the professional manufacturer of electric heating system to be able to offer a sequence of process from a design to making and construction at site.
Electric trace heater of high limit 500℃ to preheat a SCR catalyst equipment, heater for measures of exhaust gas and Lagging Jacket are exhibited.