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Satake Corporation was founded by Riichi Satake in 1896, and today provides grain processing products and technologies to approximately 150 countries around the world.
Located in the Seto Inland Sea area, where the maritime industry is thriving, we have developed Ballast Eye ballast water compliance monitoring device and Ballast Catch ballast water sampling device, based on the grain inspection and analysis technology that we have cultivated over the years. These devices help to inspect and prevent aquatic nuisance species from entering through ships' ballast water, thereby contributing to the protection of the marine environment.

Ballast Eye

Ballast Eye adopts Pulse Counting FDA method which is listed in IMO BWM./Circ.42/Rev.2, and analyzes the number of both ≥50μm and 10-50μm organism respectively.

Ballast Catch

Ballast Catch concentrates 1 cubic meter of ballast water in approximately 30 minutes for analysis of ≥50 μm organisms, and simultaneously collects sample water for analysis of 10-50 μm organisms.

Exhibitor Presentation

Date May 25(Thu.) 13:50-14:20
Location C Room
Title Recent Trends in Ballast Water Testing

Corporate information

Address 739-8602
2-30 Saijo Nishihonmachi, Higashi-Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima JAPAN
TEL +81-82-420-8558
URL https://satake-group.com

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